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Breaking the Taboo: Let’s Talk

Behind Every Cloud by Samantha O'Flanagan

In a lot of the Charity work we are currently doing, a repeating theme is “Let’s Talk!”. Issues vary from miscarriage to mental health, but often the first step to dealing with a situation is talking about it.

Future Kissed Off titles will cover subjects ranging from miscarriage to MS, and many will be raising funds for charity. Our first title focussing on mental health covers the mostly misunderstood condition of Bipolar. This condition can debilitate, however with the right approach you can lead a more stable life.

Mental Health

Our latest book to order, Behind Every Cloud, follows one 25 year olds experiences of living a positive life with Bipolar Type II. Its a great title; both for those newly diagnosed as well as those looking for alternative ways to live with the condition or those living with someone who has been diagnosed. This condition affects more people than you may think, and includes some well-known actors, singers and artists amongst its ranks.

Carrie Fisher

The original Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy opened up about her life with bipolar in her book The Best Awful. Admitting that she lived in denial about her diagnosis for some time, it took a full psychotic break before she came to terms with having bipolar.

Stephen Fry

His Emmy award-winning documentary The Secret Life Of A Manic Depressive documented his experiences of living with bipolar.

Stephen has long been an advocate of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. After his diagnosis drove him to attempt suicide, Stephen has worked tirelessly to speak out and give a clearer image of mental illness.

Jean Claude Van Damme

The Belgian born actor battled drug-addiction and a near suicide attempt before he was given a diagnosis of bipolar.

Linda Hamilton

As Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies, Sarah became a household name, and after coming to terms with her diagnosis, she used this as a platform to raise awareness on mental health issues.

“Somebody needs to come out and make this okay for people to talk about and get help and take advantage of the resources”.

Vincent Van Gogh

One of the most talented artists was affected by bipolar throughout his career. His periods of increased productivity while painting where put down to manic episodes, while in between he was said to have suffered debilitating depressions.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Academy award-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones hit the headlines when she was hospitalised after seeking treatment for Bipolar Type II.

Tom Fletcher

McFly’s lead singer Tom Fletcher only recently opened up about his struggle with Bipolar on ITV2’s Fearne and McBusted. After he “realised that I was struggling more than other people around me were” he sought help and now says that medication and the support of those around him have helped change his whole outlook on life.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has had a very public battle with drink and drug addiction, but this could be related to the fact that he also suffers from Bipolar Type II.

He was involved in a BBC documentary on bipolar disorder, in which he talked about his battles with depressive states.

Samantha O'Flanagan Author Photo
Samantha O’Flanagan Author Photo

About the Author

Samantha O’Flanagan is an office manager and runs the successful blog All The Buzz. Winner of Blogger of the Year 2014 in the Samsung Digital Media Awards & finalist in the UK Blog Awards, Samantha decided to use her platform to speak about a subject very close to her heart. Diagnosed with anxiety attacks, and subsequently Bipolar Type II, Samantha is passionate about breaking down the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. Samantha lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband Keith and their dog Ozzy.

Supporting Reach Out

Profits from this book are being donated to Reach Out – an Irish charity that provides supports those dealing with tough times, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

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