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Are you struggling to finish writing THAT book?

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One of our authors, Andrew Pain, has written a brilliant blog piece on book writing for the hybrid published author – in which he makes many valid points. Here is my response as a publisher (and thus sees things from the other side of the fence).

1  Sacrifice

We have to allow ourselves the time to be creative as well as both physical and mental space to experiment. That sometimes meaning ignoring those feelings of guilt that can hold us back from true creativity. However, there is another kind of sacrifice that Andrew doesn’t mention – the sacrifice of perfection. Sometimes, we become so obsessed with having it perfect before considering our work to be finished, that we never get there. At Kissed Off, we encourage handing us a draft at our first conversations about your book – not only so we can quote more accurately, but also that you get used to “handing over the baby”. We offer full editing services, and can tell quickly what you need to focus on while fine-tuning your book. This brings you one step closer to the finish line of perfection.

We can’t do this if its still on your desk.

2  Great things take time to develop

We couldn’t agree with this more, which is why we work with you to make sure your book is perfect prior to publication – hand in hand with a great post-publication strategy for driving your book forward towards your aims.

We have developed over the last 250 books a process that guides you through to the point where the book is in your hands. From start to finish, we work with you to drive forward a book that is complete and well designed for your target aims. One thing to remember is your book is far from finished once you type that final word into your text document.

3  Space

Sometimes we all need to be in a new space to think clearly. We offer unusual meeting spaces so you can discuss your progress with us in a casual setting so you get the most enjoyment out of the publication journey.

4  Dual purposes for your book

We agree whole-heartedly with Andrew, if you set out only to make money out of your book you will be sadly disappointed. Neither business nor life work that way – you get out what you put in. The dual purpose approach is a great way of encouraging you on the days you make no sales, because money isn’t your primary aim. Books can market your services, introduce a new innovation or simply grow your reputation as an expert in your field. Also, don’t consider your book in isolation – could it be part of a series, or lead to a seminar tour or drive new opportunities for you to explore. Your book’s publication is not necessarily the final finishing post for your writing journey.

With writing, as with any creative endeavour, it is always best to leave your pre-conceptions at the door – for they will only hinder you.

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PRESS RELEASE: Tweet Your Way to Success (Social Media)

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

From 0 to 13.9k followers from her kitchen table and now Samantha Kelly (aka Tweeting Goddess) releases her first book.

Tweet Your Way to Success (book)
Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

In the début title ‘Tweet Your Way To Success’ Samantha tells us how she started a business with no money, going from lone parent on social welfare to a highly influential leader in her field. There are sections on starting your own business, how to turn your business around, tips on using social media and how to network and build on relationships. Samantha is a former Dragons Den applicant, most recently making her mark in social media through the creation of #Irishbizparty a place where Irish businesses can connect and network freely using both Twitter and Facebook.

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly is available to purchase now in Paperback or eBook.

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Book Launch: Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Ever wondered what it is like to start a business? Have you asked yourself what do I need to do? What characteristics are needed?  How can I start a business when I have no money or experience? Does Twitter work as part of a marketing strategy for your business? How is it going to help me get my business out there? 

Well in this book, Samantha shows you how she started a business with no money and went from lone parent on social welfare to a top influencer and leader in her field. She will give her tips for Twitter and how to use it effectively using simple language and with a clear message that when you assist others it will come back to you. How to build relationships and nurture them.
And most importantly how to be yourself and use your personality to succeed!

You will be taken through starting out in business, networking and advice before moving onto creating your Twitter account and beyond!

Samantha used our Blog to Book package to bring her book to print! This great package uses your existing blog to create an amazing paperback book!

The first books will be dispatched on approximately 12th June 2014 (provisional date, actual despatch will be notified). Those with pre-orders will be dispatched first. The book will be available on Amazon, however Amazon RRP will be more expensive.

Samantha Kelly is an Ireland-based business woman who has appeared on Dragon’s Den as well as a host of media programs. Following the sale of her first successful business, she has now launched Tweeting Goddess to help those wanting to use Twitter to grow their business.

Buy this book through us here for only £7.99 +P&P or in digital format for £4.00

Tweet Your Way to Success
Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly
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Success as Samantha Kelly launches her first book!

Pre-order: Tweet Your Way to Success

Coming at the end of the month is Samantha Kelly’s (aka Tweeting Goddess) first book! Her debut title is on how to use Twitter and social media for your business. From starting up your business to how to turn your business around, Ms Kelly’s book covers both the highs and lows of social media and business.

Tweet Your Way to Success is suitable for social media and computer novices. Those who already use social media but have found it is not benefitting their business will also find useful tips to improve. It contains not only Ms Kelly’s own Twitter stories, but also those of her network of how they have benefitted from Twitter in their own businesses.

It also has a section on starting your own business. Building on Samantha’s experience is a great platform for any new entrepreneur. A former Dragons Den applicant, Samantha has built up several successful businesses. These were in a range of fields, having built up her experience since her first business.

So make sure you use Twitter effectively to build up your business to success, through improved sales, new contacts and just through talking to your peers. And you can even do it in your PJs!

Please note: Price has yet to be confirmed and book may not be available for upto two weeks. Pre-order option only registers interest and does not constitute an order of the product. You will be notified as soon as product is ready to order.

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My Tips for Twitter Success

Following a brilliant event at WorcestershireHour LIVE last November, I thought I should share some tips I have found for working with Twitter after being called a Twitter Queen! For those who want to know what WorcestershireHour is – join in on Twitter every Monday 8-9pm for business and charity networking. You can follow me @natballard and Kissed Off @KissedOff

10 Twitter tips

#1 – follow @bizitalk and @udontework (or anyone else on my allstars list – great for RTs, and be sure to RT in return!)
#2 – If you are mentioning your product or anything else you want Retweeting, first say “pls RT”, secondly be sure to add #bizitalk and #udobiz for automatic retweets as well as other relevant hashtags that you will find along your Twitter journey.
#3 – there are some great twitter hours out there. The best for us is Worcestershire Hour – phenomenally busy and we had our first live event on Monday along with TV and radio coverage. To join in make sure you add the chats hashtag e.g. #WorcestershireHour
#4 – Tweet to give and not to get. For every post you tweet about your product, you should do roughly 10 RTs, 5 personal tweets, 3 useful snippets of information
#5 – People buy from people, this is never truer than on Twitter. People know me at networking events by my twitter profile alone! If possible get known by a nickname – hence my tag is Nat and not Natalie, and have a good photo and not a logo as your icon. As I have two accounts I can do both, and the difference between the two accounts is astonishing! Don’t be an egg!
#6 – Support your local businesses by RTing, and remember that networking is not just to the people in the chat or conversation but also all their followers.
#7 – If you have a good news story, tell it – either by snippets or link to a blog post. A great way to drive traffic to your blog!
#8 – Tweet links to blog posts, LinkedIn content and other sites as well as your own site. This lets your followers see there is more to your involvement than just your own website.
#9 – Make lists of your regular RTrs, clients and suppliers for easy targeting of tweets.
#10 – Be consistent, tweet daily and NEVER tweet drunk LOL

To get the most out of Twitter

#1 – Connect it to LinkedIn in your account settings on both sites. Don’t send everything you say on LinkedIn to twitter tho – be selective. Twitter link is automatic so not controllable – so remember that if you choose to link to Facebook. A lot of people have unfriended me because of my tweets being posted automatically.
#2 – Try to have a variation in content. e.g. I cover craft, books, tech and biz as well as my own stuff. I also RT within these subjects so my followers know what to expect.
#3 – register on U-Do and bizi websites, and join up as a paid member – the benefits outweigh the cost.
#4 – check it frequently, and only post when you have time to respond
#5 – Make sure if you include an image that you use Twitter’s attaching options so it can be seen without clicking on a link.

In terms of software, I use TweetDeck which gives me a constantly updated feed, as well as easy RT, lists and search columns for running chats in. I also use as I try to control my follows. So if I don’t follow you back immediately, I’m not being ignorant I’m just trying to find you a spot!

Also, I would now advise to make the most of Twitter’s new image guidelines and possibilities. Now you can tag images, use multiple images to one post and more! A blog post on this soon!

First posted on 21/11/2013
Written by Natalie Ballard and updated for Kissed Off