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Where’s the Kitty?

Cavalier Capers Flash Screen LITTLE READER

Hello Kitty by Grandma Sysum

In the third installment of the Cavalier Capers series the Pups have been listening in to Grandma Sysum’s telephone conversations. We all know what trouble comes from listening in to one end of a telephone conversation. When will Jessie be coming and why is she bringing a Kitty with her? Doesn’t she know Pups don’t like Kitties? Will Grandma replace them all with kittens and cats?

Cavalier Capers is aimed at young readers with each book being aimed at a particular age group. Hello Kitty is aimed at the 5-7 year olds with bold illustrations and a great storyline.

Each book comes with a collectible character card for you to copy, fold and laminate. This book features Josie, and Hello Kitty is available in paperback here.

The Cavalier Capers series is written by Grandma Sysum and is illustrated by Natalie Ballard. You can see the Cavalier Capers website here.

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One for your Pups this summer!

Cavalier Capers: Old George

Cavalier Capers: Old George

Old George is an old dog, but he loves to tells the younger pups tales of his (mis)adventures when he was younger.

One day, when poor Old George is feeling tired (after the pup have worn him out), he snuggles down with the pups to tell them stories of his youth. In this book, a young George takes a trip with his brothers and sisters into the woods!

Old George is the first in a series of books aimed at young and learner readers. This title is aimed at 5-7 year olds or to be read with Mum or Dad. Each volume includes a collectable character card featuring the main character from each book.

This book includes the Old George character card.

The Cavalier Capers series is based on 42 real life King Charles Cavalier dogs and puppies. You can visit the Cavalier Capers website and find out more about the pups and what’s new at Grandma Sysum’s. You can also follow Cavalier Capers on Facebook and Twitter.