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What 12 Habits would you change?

The 12 Habits of Happily Lean People by Tracy Reck

The 12 Habits of Happily Lean People by Tracy Reck

This book is great for those that have tried every diet and exercise fad but nothing has worked for you. A book no just for “New Year, New You” but throughout life as good habits to keep for a lifetime.

How would you feel if every day and without really thinking about it, you took the 12 essential actions that would help you to enjoy really great health and give you a body you like looking at in the mirror?


Combining an approach to food that’s built on making your metabolism work perfectly and has N.O.T.H.I.N.G to do with counting calories, with a way of exercising that won’t take over your life but will bring you amazing results, the 12 Habits is a down to earth, practical and insightful journey into why these habits work – and how you can make them work for you.

You can “Look Inside” and buy this book on Amazon, or order it from us in paperback or digital format.

Why not join the online club that ties in with this book? Be supported in your habit changing journey by Tracy as well as others members. You can find the details in the book or join up online at