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Terminology Explained: A new series

I’ve decided to start a new blog post series with Terminology Explained. This series will cover popular design, graphic and digital terminology.


It’s easy as a designer to use terminology as a shortcut to explaining an idea or concept. However, all too often we forget to tailor these for our audiences. So, when I use an industry term in place of describing something, I’m going to post the term on here. I will then add a full explanation in plain english. I also hope to include examples and visuals where needed. Hopefully, this will build into a great glossary research – both for our clients and also those who are considering working with us. I already have my first couple of posts planned based on the last 24 hours alone.

Make a terminology suggestion

Clients can also suggest terms we have used that they want a little more depth of detail on.

You will be able to find these terms both by searching this blog but also by referring to the Terminology Glossary page that will be made available shortly. If you have a term or concept you’d like us to cover, then drop us a line.