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Deadlines: Why write NOW for Christmas?

Get writing to meet Christmas deadlines

Christmas sales are the main target for some titles (cookbooks, children’s titles and more), as well as some titles focussing on New Year release. However, production of these titles starts many months before, with our busy time typically being in summer. Last year, we had a few authors that wanted their books published for Christmas that simply left it too late. So to avoid that this year here’s a breakdown of deadlines for you.

When to order my publishing package for my pre-Christmas publishing date?

We would advise letting us know about your book at the earliest possible date. If you are purchasing our Write module, you should be telling us NOW about your book. This is due to the additional work required prior to design. Curate should be notified to us by the end of March/early April, with a list of sources available for us to start on. Titles that you would like us to proof read and Edit should be available to do so end of May/early June. For all other books, we recommend getting these to us by the end of June. These guidelines would then lead to your book being published in September to maximise the number of pre-Christmas sales.

What if I decide to go Print-on-Demand instead?

Print on demand titles and electronic titles can be provided to us a little later. Please note: this will require you to proof your book digitally, as printed proofs take additional time. Final deadline for sign off of artwork for print on demand would be 15th September.

What if I miss my deadline?

Although we will try our best, you may prefer to choose to change to a print-on-demand or digital only release.  The absolute cut off point for these is the start of September.

How can Kissed Off Creations Ltd help me meet my deadline?

We offer two content creation modules for those who are struggling to find the time to write their book. We also have some great writing blog posts that can help you when you have a blank page moment. We are also developing several writing aid tools to help you that are due to be released this year.

We also maintain a schedule of releases, so we can ensure that your launch does not clash with any of our other titles.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… #CookerySOS

#CookerySOS Xmas Book

Following on from the success of #CookerySOS, we’ve created a special limited edition to help you get through the Christmas cooking easily and affordably!

We travelled up very early only a couple of Sunday’s ago to catch up with John, drop off some more books (as he had sold out) and to photograph “a couple of dishes” for the download. What followed was a feast for the senses! We started with the Orange Carrots and Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese. In between shots we were trying to convince Stanley the Santa hat was a good look – he didn’t really buy it! The Cranberry Sausages are also another of my favourites from when we went up to Blackpool to photograph these great dishes in the #CookerySOS Christmas kitchen. The cover shot with Stanley the Ice Cold Pooch was just the icing on the Christmas Cake! What you can’t tell from the cover pic is how quickly Stanley could use his paw to get his Santa hat back off! Then it was onwards to an afternoon of sweet delights!

The #CookerySOS Christmas download takes you from defrosting a turkey through to party nibbles and all points in-between. My personal favourite are the Marzipan Snowballs that are so easy and yet so amazing fresh and christmassy I fell in love with them at first bite! It also has really helpful conversion tables and tips for each recipe to take the stress out of Christmas cooking!

We’ve included lots of help for those who may not have cooked a Christmas dinner before – making this book ideal for students, new carers and even new parents! I can’t wait to be curled up with my mug of Festive Latte (or as some would say a bucket)… and now with a Marzipan Snowball with raspberries! A real treat for Santa this Christmas!

My kitchen will certainly be smelling festive this Christmas!

Download your copy today for a £5 donation!