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Amazing Molly launches her first book

Frog, Froggy & Froggit

Molly Watt is an amazing young lady – she goes to Uni like so many other 20 year olds, she loves to write and draw and wants to become a teacher… sounds fairly ordinary doesn’t it? But what’s makes this so amazing is Molly is registered deaf-blind as she suffers from Usher Syndrome – a progressive disease that slowly takes sight and hearing from its sufferers.

Add on top of this that Molly and her family launched a Charity to support others like her, that she has been recognised by Sense as both an inspirational young person and earlier this week Runner-up as an inspirational adult and suddenly you begin to see how amazing this young lady is.

Yet during her school life she was bullied for being different, and so she has launched her first book dealing with inclusion. Everyone is different, and we have to learn to accept each other’s and our own differences. Frog, Froggy and Froggit deals with this topic in a sensitive way, and tells a story of how we often try to hide our differences and how we can find acceptance among friends.

It was the weekend before Mother’s Day and so Frog invited Froggy and Froggit over to make cards.

Frog, Froggy and Froggit is a short story for children of 7-8 years to encourage confidence in reading simplistic sentences and minor tongue twisters aloud. The book contains a small but important message, vital for all!

** Inclusion **

Written and illustrated by Molly Jane Watt

Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt
Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt

Molly is an advocate for those living with disabilities, particularly Usher Syndrome (deafblindness) the condition that has taken her hearing and sight. Herself a victim of bullying, Molly expresses her views through creativity. Details of Molly’s Charity for whom this book was written can be seen at

Molly was Sense’s youngest ever Young Deafblind Person of the Year in 2010, started her own Charity in 2012, became an Ambassador for Sense in early 2014 and has been nominated and shortlisted for Deafblind Person of the Year 2014 at just 20 years old.

Molly has already begun the artwork for the second Frog, Froggy and Froggit book too!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the paperback edition here 

Also available as an audiobook on most major platforms including Amazon Buy audiobook from Amazon here as well as Spotify, iTunes and more!

Other eBook formats will be released shortly.