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Publish Your Book – Base Module


This is our base module for our Create Your Own Package, and forms the hub of all our publishing packages.

The module includes your book design and layout, 3 layout concepts for both inners and covers, and a complimentary 3D icon. The module system is exclusive to our website and cannot be ordered by phone.

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Product Description

This is our base module for our Create Your Own Package, and forms the hub of all our publishing packages. Using this package, you could be published in as little as two weeks!

This Module

Your manuscript in this module will already be at a stage ready to publish but will typically be just a plain Word document. If not you will need to purchase the Write, Curate or Edit modules to be able to get to this stage.

We will then proceed to the conceptualisation stage… You may already have an idea of colours, fonts or branding you would like to use (if so please notify us when you send your manuscript to us) or it may be you want us to start with a blank canvas. Either way, we will produce 3 concepts for you to choose from or you can pick and mix elements which we will blend into a cohesive whole.

Once your concept has been signed off, we will then layout your book to a format suitable for your output modules.

If you have not bought any output modules, we will simply export to iPDF (which can be read on any platform with Adobe Reader). This will then be given to you for you to sell on your website or for upload to various marketplaces.

For multiple books (but not a series) please buy as many of these units as you have books to publish. For series, please purchase this module for your first book, further titles will be negotiated after completion of the first book (please state it is part of a series before work commences).

Book Subjects

Your book could be on any subject – previous titles we have published include fitness, cookery, mental health, business, IT and more as well as a range of both adult and children’s fiction titles.


Anyone could be an author – a business owner looking to grow an expert profile, a fantasy writer, a blogger – among many others! And you could be published within as little as two weeks (four weeks for Curate module customers, and 6 weeks for Write module customers)*

All of our books published under Kissed Off Publications have utilised this module!


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Additional Information

Length of Book

Small 40-100 pages, Medium 100-200 pages, Large 200-500 pages, Epic 500-1000 pages

* Turnaround time varies by book length. Times quoted are based on an average small book of around 40 pages. For further information on our turnaround times, please see our terms and conditions.
No work will be undertaken until after the 14 day “cooling off” period unless otherwise requested. The module payment must have cleared before proofs will be released.
We may request proof of ownership for content where we have reasonable doubt of the right to publish.