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Merry Christmas 2014 to all


That certain time of year has come around again (it seems quicker every year). It’s time to trim the tree, wrap the presents and cremate the turkey.

This year most of our gifts are handmade – a gift of our time and creativity, as the best gifts come from the heart. I’m sure if I could hand make my own Skylanders figures that even those would have been handmade this year. For the first time, I’ve actually forced myself to sit and do the nice ideas I’ve planned for gifts and home decor, and I have to say its been worth it. I can’t put up photos yet (obviously) but my craft room is a much loved mess and I’ve become more inspired from taking the time out.

We also have planned a nice long break from the office (aside from the usual end of year activities). Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to regroup, plan and give yourself the space to be creative without the worry of deadlines and clients. The office will close at 2pm today, and I’m looking forward to what the next 3 days will bring. It won’t bring masses of presents, but instead it will bring me time with my family, time to enjoy what I already have and some great food and drink. To me, that sounds like the perfect Christmas.

So while we all indulge, rest and enjoy our families, presents and the special memories that get created every year, I ask one small favour of you all… For someone not so far away from you, this Christmas may not be so jolly. It may be their first without someone dear, they may have lost their job, be ill or simply be alone this year. The smallest gesture will let them know they are not forgotten – a 5 minute phone call while the turkey is resting, helping them with their last minute shopping or even a simple note could be the thing that lights up somebody’s face this Christmas.

To those who are alone this Christmas, don’t be. If you are offered an invitation, take it.

And lastly a Merry Christmas to you all!

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What is a Hybrid Magazine?

If you are looking for a digital magazine with a difference, you’ve found the right place!

Comprising several unique parts, our hybrid magazines come wrapped in our amazing LoveTwyst hybrid box. It’s perfect for sneaking in handbags, briefcases and even lunch boxes!

The Mini Mag

The first component is our unique Mini Mag, with 72 pages measuring 85x55mm. This magazine is a great way to produce voucher booklets, directories and more as well as traditional magazine content. No need for batteries nor wifi and perfect for the girl about town!

The Card for your Friend

The second component is the “Card for your Friend”, grow your subscription through reader referral. These cards can be printed to link to your site, or directly to your magazine app.

The App

The third component is the app, for either Android, iOS or both. You can choose how much or how little content you would like to be available on your app as you may wish to offer access to the app as a trial. You can use the app as a digital catalogue, interactive magazine or as a directory to support the main content on your USB stick.

The content on this will mirror or enhance the content on our fourth component…

The USB stick

The fourth component is the USB stick which can house either your main content or, alternatively, your advertisers can supply digital vouchers, codes or interactive content and offers.

You can choose which parts you would like to include, along with how you would like to use them.

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Let’s get Bizitalk…ing

We’ve been a member of Bizitalk for nearly a year now, and we have found its been of great benefit to us as a company!

So far Bizitalk has carried our profile and tweets to over 12 million people… and has resulted in two major contracts both within Bizitalk members and through referrals from Bizitalk members from non-member clients. We strongly encourage all new Tweeps we meet, as well as the non-Twitter peeps to join in with Bizitalk – whether looking for suppliers or services, or if you are looking for new clients and customers.

I have to say my favourite section by far is the “I’m looking for…” board. I try to check this board at least once a month to see if I can help out at all – either directly or through referrals. Other boards include business to business marketing as well as Promoted Tweets which Bizitalk will put out through their multiple Twitter accounts.

And it’s not just Bizitalk that will promote you. Even using promoted tweets, there are several accounts who will automatically RT Bizitalk’s content to their thousands of followers. You will also find yourself being promoted by other members, and even non-members who happen to see RTs of RTs. Think of your tweet travelling along the roots or branches of a tree.

You can try it out today by adding #bizitalk to a tweet!

So why not join Bizitalk today?

For £5 a month, you get promoted Tweets going out to over 12 million people, as well as access to offers from other Bizitalk members. We even offer a 10% discount off our design and publishing services to other members.

Rate Kissed Off Creations Ltd On Bizitalk

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