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Making an Impact with our latest book

The Impact Code by Andrew Pain

This isn’t a book about goal-setting, being passionate and living the dream. You can already find lots of those. 

This isn’t a long and wordy book, which takes you a month to read but six months later you can only remember one or two of its key points. You can find lots of those too.

This is a book which gives 24 memorable insights to develop your resilience, productivity and influence, so you’re equipped to make a lasting impact on the world around you. Whether you’re a business leader, a team manager, an entrepreneur, a parent, an aspiring professional or young person, your ability to make an impact will define how happy and successful you become. Imagine how your life would be if you could:

  • Attract more people to follow you – out of choice not obligation
  • Bounce back quickly from your disappointments & set-backs
  • Overcome your fears and live beyond your current horizons
  • Achieve more without adding to your overstretched ‘to-do’ list 

Choose to make an awesome impact in your world or don’t – it’s up to you! 

Andrew is an experienced coach, trainer, blogger and parent. His unique writing style has created an inspirational book which packs a powerful punch, is effortless to read, and easy to apply.

You can order The Impact Code in paperback. It’s also available to purchase for Kindle, and shortly for iPad and other formats.

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Why wait to get engaged to have “The” ring?

The Independence Ring

The Independence Ring by Liz Lewinson

Independence Ring: Rock the Female Revolution reveals timeless teachings about the vast, innate power of women. What is the power of a woman like? Like a tsunami, risen.

The book explores a new and more accurate meaning of power and offers practical ways for women to become positively powerful. Celebrate? Why not! The Independence Ring ceremony celebrates freedom from limiting and imbalanced views of women and men. In order to reclaim the well-being of societies and the planet, there must be a female revolution.

Learn how the many aspects of our lives impact on our own image of power, and how to turn it round to a positive. Embrace your own innate power and rebalance the battle of the sexes in this great book that is sure to alter your perspective.

Where to Buy

You can buy The Independence Ring on Kindle 

You can also buy this title as a paperback