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Stand by Me RP exceeds expectations!

Stand by Me RP by Dave Steele

Only one week into launch and Stand by Me RP has already sold over 100 copies, made back its production costs in royalties and launched on Kindle. This has been a great title to work on for Kissed Off Creations Ltd.

The book was created to raise awareness of RP, as well as helping those who have been diagnosed with the condition.

As a first time author the publication of my first book was something I was very nervous and excited for. Natalie and all at Kissed Off Creations put me at ease straight away guiding me through every step of the process whilst showing a real care and understanding for the content of my work. From editing developing the structure and content of my book to designing the cover, Natalie made each step stress free and exciting as we moved closer to the release date. My Book entitled Stand by me RP has been out for only a week and has already been noted as the number one European poetry release by American Amazon and with the support of Kissed Off Creations it looks certain to go from strength to strength. I plan with following it up with an audiobook and other versions with Natalie’s help in the near future.
Kissed off creations have made a dream come true and this is just the beginning of a long and successful relationship.
Dave Steele Author of Stand by me RP

Stand by Me RP

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Ice Cold Chef launches his first book on pre-order


Ice Cold Chef AKA John Joyce has launched his first book!

You can now pre-order #CookerySOS by The Ice Cold Chef. Through the support and encouragement of his social media followers, John has finally put some of his great recipes into a book we all can learn from – along with some ‘donated’ recipes from his friends, chefs and more that have discovered him on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The book will feature approximately 200 (it is still growing as I write this post!) recipes aimed at the new cook, with simple ingredients that focus on fresh food served on a family budget. This book will be wire bound for ease of use by all in the kitchen, which mirrors how this book came into existence…

John became known as the Ice Cold Chef because of how he learnt to cook – while holding a glass of Ice Cold Beer! Here is the story as told by his wife, Bev.

John is not, nor has he ever professed to be, a qualified chef. He is an ordinary man, who works and also happens to care for me, his wife.

Eight years ago, we were your “average” couple, with one daughter, Louise who were living life as we wanted, going along nicely. John was a brick layer, I worked for the DWP and our daughter had just moved into her first house. John had decided on a career change as he didn’t want to work away from home any longer. He applied for and secured a job with Blackpool Council. It was a big change adapting to the office world, but as with everything he does, John put in one hundred per cent and really took to it.

Unfortunately, at the same time, I began to have strange symptoms and feelings in my legs that resulted in me being referred to a neurologist and eventually being diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

I enjoyed and had always done all the cooking at home. However my progression into MS was  so fast that it soon became apparent that I could no longer continue to do this. We tried various processed foods, but within a couple of weeks knew that this wasn’t for us. John asked me to teach him to cook. I taught him the basics but as ever John took to it and decided to take things a lot further. He started to talk about cooking on social media and was soon receiving encouragement, ideas and recipes from chefs and other amateur cooks from all over the world. This support gave John the idea to put his and their recipes into a book, firstly to show anyone they can cook if they really want to and secondly to raise money for charity.

John has since taken Ice Cold Chef further than he could ever have originally imagined and won Adult Carer of the Year in 2014 and now teaches young carers to cook. He also cooks at events raising awareness of MS and has been invited to the Houses of Parliament to discuss his work.

#cookerysos started out as a dream of mine through the need to cook simply using fresh produce. This book is the fruit of our labours and I hope it will go on to be a great help to many people.

John Joyce
Ice Cold Chef

This book serves as encouragement to all those facing adversity, and teaches us all about how positivity can make even a bad situation something not always so sad.

This book is now available for pre-order from us. Profit from the sale of the book will go back into raising awareness and more for MS sufferers and carers.

John & Bev Joyce
John & Bev Joyce
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Subscribe to support our latest title


With our latest title due for publication shortly, the author has taken the unusual step of raising funds via subscriptions.

Fairly Mounted on a Hill by Simon Henderson is about the history of St John’s, Bromsgrove and its parishioners. The book has been written to help support the growing need of the Church in terms of restoration and protection for both this generation and those to come. A previous history of this Church was also funded by subscribers, and so the Friends of St John’s thought it would be nice to use this as a way to bring this title to publication. As with the previous title, this book shall feature the names of those who have subscribed as well as continuing to raise funds via the profits of the book after release.

The book is currently in its final stages of editing, however you can download an excerpt of this book now as a preview snippet.

Fairly Mounted on a Hill EXCERPT

If you would like to have your name immortalised in print, as well as supporting a great cause, then subscriptions are still open via Subscribe to “Fairly Mounted on a Hill”.

Are subscriptions a way you could fund your next book? Speak to us today to discuss your options to raise funds prior to publication.

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Join the Club!

Club together to support Charity

St Richard’s Hospice has launched a new Book Club at it’s Cafe in Worcester. The aim of the book club is to reach out to the local book reading community while building a thriving group. Director of Kissed Off Creations Ltd, Natalie Ballard, is chairing the meetings following an invitation from Lydia Repton.

Inaugural meeting

The first meeting took place today, and while many books and topics were discussed, the chosen book for our meeting in June is “Life of Pi” by Yann Martell. This was met with unanimous support by the Club’s members. The next meeting is scheduled for the 15th June at 9am.

Copies of “Life of Pi” are available from the bookstore for £1.75, and why not have a great coffee and a browse while you are there!

The backup books are: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore and the Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins – for those who are unable to finish reading the Life of Pi or would like an alternative book to read.

Club aims

The book club will be focussed predominantly on all realms of fiction, however we will also be looking outside of this genre on occasion as well as previewing forthcoming releases from Kissed Off Creations Ltd. There is no pressure to finish books nor to read the backups, all we ask is for you to bring along another book review or a recommendation of a title for the group.

If you cannot attend the group, simply drop in your review before the meeting at the store either to Lydia or to one of the other volunteers, and we can add your comments to our discussion.

Book reviews may be abridged and used to support window displays and advertising of the group.

Come along and join in

Pop along for a chat about books and a lovely coffee (and maybe a sneaky piece of cake too!) on 15th June. The cafe has wheelchair access and is situated through the charity’s well-stocked bookshop… even if they haven’t got your book in store, they are sure to be able to source it for you.

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Amazing Molly launches her first book

Frog, Froggy & Froggit

Molly Watt is an amazing young lady – she goes to Uni like so many other 20 year olds, she loves to write and draw and wants to become a teacher… sounds fairly ordinary doesn’t it? But what’s makes this so amazing is Molly is registered deaf-blind as she suffers from Usher Syndrome – a progressive disease that slowly takes sight and hearing from its sufferers.

Add on top of this that Molly and her family launched a Charity to support others like her, that she has been recognised by Sense as both an inspirational young person and earlier this week Runner-up as an inspirational adult and suddenly you begin to see how amazing this young lady is.

Yet during her school life she was bullied for being different, and so she has launched her first book dealing with inclusion. Everyone is different, and we have to learn to accept each other’s and our own differences. Frog, Froggy and Froggit deals with this topic in a sensitive way, and tells a story of how we often try to hide our differences and how we can find acceptance among friends.

It was the weekend before Mother’s Day and so Frog invited Froggy and Froggit over to make cards.

Frog, Froggy and Froggit is a short story for children of 7-8 years to encourage confidence in reading simplistic sentences and minor tongue twisters aloud. The book contains a small but important message, vital for all!

** Inclusion **

Written and illustrated by Molly Jane Watt

Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt
Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt

Molly is an advocate for those living with disabilities, particularly Usher Syndrome (deafblindness) the condition that has taken her hearing and sight. Herself a victim of bullying, Molly expresses her views through creativity. Details of Molly’s Charity for whom this book was written can be seen at

Molly was Sense’s youngest ever Young Deafblind Person of the Year in 2010, started her own Charity in 2012, became an Ambassador for Sense in early 2014 and has been nominated and shortlisted for Deafblind Person of the Year 2014 at just 20 years old.

Molly has already begun the artwork for the second Frog, Froggy and Froggit book too!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the paperback edition here 

Also available as an audiobook on most major platforms including Amazon Buy audiobook from Amazon here as well as Spotify, iTunes and more!

Other eBook formats will be released shortly.