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Why an eBook isn’t just a PDF!

Female Fat Free Club eBook series (iPDF only)

Recently, there has been a proliferation of “digital publishers” that will convert your brochure to a page flipping PDF. These are great for those who want a literal translation of their documents for reading on several platforms. However, this approach fails to make the most of what the technology has to offer.

What can’t a PDF do – and why would I want to create something new?

A PDF in its traditional format was designed as a way to transport static documentation that could be guaranteed to look the same on all platforms it is viewed on. This was a great leap forward when it was invented back in the late 1990’s when it meant that you didn’t all have to be running the same software to preview files or send hard copies to clients – and I even remember creating animations of flipping pages in the early 2000’s. However, a traditional PDF such as those utilised by many page flipping companies, software and plugins rulers out what is best about the eBook platform.

Media Support

In 2015, we can now add videos, audio and animations to our eBook formats (i.e. ePub 3.0 which is utilised by iBooks and many other readers). These are true eBooks that take full advantage of the media available to further explore, express and convey the content of your book. These are great for “How To” topics as well as taking the reader on a tour behind the scenes, for additional content on a subject that they want to explore further. Imagine how much books have changed in last 20 years – especially for the education and manual arena. Now most books that teach us about or how to do something have lots of visual imagery to support the text. eBooks enable us to take this to the next stage – especially for complex subject matter.


Now reading a book doesn’t have to be a passive experience. We can now add interactive features such as puzzles, workbook sections and more that can enhance a book’s content and help the reader engage with the content more. Think of the fun you had as a child with a pop up book – now this is the adult equivalent where learning can be fun for adults too!


Now an iPDF allows you to do some but not all of these things… however support for interactivity across all PDF readers is not yet stable. Even simple interactive features such as buttons are not supported within the iPDF framework. This is why as ePub 3.0 support widens, we encourage our authors to go down this route instead. iPDF is great for all platform coverage currently, but ePub 3.0 will only continue to grow and it will change how electronic publishing functions.

How can I utilise interactive features within my eBook?

This is the easiest bit for the author – simply give us an idea of how you want the interactivity to work and we will do the tricky bit. So if you want a diagram that the reader can label, we can do that and more using interactive fields the reader can fill in, and then “reveal” the correct answer.

Also, by having a video or animation, you can start to grow a following on YouTube, use the video in your social media and more. Book trailers are now seen as a key way to draw in new readers.

But you haven’t mentioned Kindles!

The Kindle (as in the older paperweight versions NOT the Fire tablets) can’t handle interactivity or moving imagery. But what it lacks in tech, it more than makes up for in accessibility! A large population of readers can ONLY read on Kindles due to visual impairment. It is a common misconception that blind people use Braille books to read, yet with the non-glare surface of the Kindle it is ideal for those suffering problems with their eyesight. Someone in this situation would be unable to read the PDF flip books (and would find the animation more of a hindrance than a benefit), and would therefore be unable to engage with your content.

This is why Kissed Off create more than just PDF formats of books, and as a registered publisher we have knowledge that stretches across all print and digital platforms.

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Publish Your Book with Kissed Off


Publish your book with Kissed Off easily. Here is a quick overview of our process of publishing your manuscript to book and/or eBook format. We will be releasing more detailed videos for each section of this video – from our manuscript template to publication and beyond.

To find out more how we can help you publish your book, visit our Design & Publishing Packages, or for more information on our service and our portfolio visit our main website. Your dream of being published is only a couple of clicks away – whether in print or in a digital format… or even both! Some of our books have made it on to the market as quickly as two weeks, and our latest book debut launched at #2 in its respective category!

Start your own publishing journey today by purchasing our Publishing Base Module and we can guide you on your publishing journey. We can publish to all major formats – paperback, eBook (on all major platforms) and audiobook.

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One from our 2014 Archives – Ireland Book Launch for Samantha Kelly

We had the honour of attending Samantha’s book launch for Tweet Your Way to Success in Ireland a week ago.

Although it was a very brief encounter (we had to catch a train back up north), we thoroughly enjoyed The Book Centre, Wexford – both their products and the welcome we received. They had created a great window display in honour of the event as well as a local press photographer in attendence. There was even cake! It was so sad we had to leave before we even got a slice – it looked awfully yummy.

Nat had the honour of introducing Samantha, who gave a brief speech before signing copies of books. At this point we had to dash back across Wexford to the station.

Samantha Kelly pictured at the Tweet Your Way to Success Book Launch Ireland
Tweet Your Way to Success Book Launch Ireland

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Girls Have Fun: Book series for cheeky fun for adults!

Girls Who Do It by Sophie Reynolds

Welcome to Girls Have Fun!

The Girls Have Fun series is packed with cheeky humour, naughty antics and intrigue – always with a twist in the tale!

Girls Who Do It by Sophie Reynolds is the first in the Girls Have Fun series. It follows four firm friends throughout planning for, and while they are staying at the Clover Spa Hotel in Ireland.

Hi-jinx ensue between the four friends, but intrigue lies just behind the scenes. Just who is Barbara Knox? Who is Aoife Cassty? And to whom do the sexy knickers belong to? Join us as we follow Babs, Cathy, Lou and Shad-rick on their “relaxing” spa break, but will the girls be able to leave their worries at home?

This story is a great holiday read! Be prepared for tears of laughter, twists and turns and maybe a blushing cheek or two. You are sure to recognise a bit of Babs, Cathy, Lou and maybe even Shad-rick in your friends!

It is available in paperback, digitally and shortly as an audiobook.

Visit the Girls Have Fun website for the next instalments. The audiobook will be launching soon along with the next book in the series, Girls That Ride the Waves launching in 2015. Get ready for more giggling, naughtiness and frolics with the girls in the sun! Watch this space for audiobook availability!

You can purchase this book on Kindle 

Also available in paperback 

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Cavalier Capers – book series for children

Cavalier Capers Flash Screen LITTLE READER

The Cavalier Capers series is written by Grandma Sysum and is illustrated by Natalie Ballard.

Cavalier Capers are based on 42 real life King Charles Cavalier dogs and puppies. You can visit the Cavalier Capers website and find out more about the pups and what’s new at Grandma Sysum’s. You can also follow Cavalier Capers on Facebook and Twitter. The books are available both in printed and electronic formats.


Book 1: Old George is an old dog, but he loves to tells the younger pups tales of his (mis)adventures when he was younger.

One day, when poor Old George is feeling tired (after the pup have worn him out), he snuggles down with the pups to tell them stories of his youth. In this book, a young George as a pup takes a trip with his brothers and sisters into the woods! Wet fun ensues… but will it be poor Old George who will get the wettest?

Old George is the first in a series of books aimed at young and learner readers. This title is aimed at 5-7 year olds or to be read with Mum or Dad with bold illustrations and a great storyline. Each volume includes a collectable character card featuring the main character from each book.

This book includes the Old George character card for you to copy, cut, laminate and collect!

Cavalier Capers 2: Jungle Adventure
Cavalier Capers 2: Jungle Adventure

Book 2: In the second instalment of the Cavalier Capers series we follow Josie and Kipper into the “jungle”.

What frightening beast will they find lurking in the jungle undergrowth? It could be a lion! It could be a giraffe! Or… well you’ll just have to read it to find out!

Jungle Adventures is the second in a series of books aimed at young and learner readers. This title is aimed at 6-8 year olds or to be read with Mum or Dad with bold illustrations and a great storyline. Each volume includes a collectable character card featuring the main character from each book.

This book includes the Kipper character card for you to copy, cut, laminate and collect!

Book 3: In the third instalment of the Cavalier Capers series the Pups have been listening in to Grandma Sysum’s telephone conversations.

We all know what trouble comes from listening in to one end of a telephone conversation. When will Jessie be coming and why is she bringing a Kitty with her? Doesn’t she know Pups don’t like Kitties? Will Grandma replace them all with cats and kittens? All the other pups are sure to laugh while Kipper and Josie search for the Kitty that is somewhere in the house!

This book includes the Josie character card for you to copy, cut, laminate and collect!

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Amazing Molly launches her first book

Frog, Froggy & Froggit

Molly Watt is an amazing young lady – she goes to Uni like so many other 20 year olds, she loves to write and draw and wants to become a teacher… sounds fairly ordinary doesn’t it? But what’s makes this so amazing is Molly is registered deaf-blind as she suffers from Usher Syndrome – a progressive disease that slowly takes sight and hearing from its sufferers.

Add on top of this that Molly and her family launched a Charity to support others like her, that she has been recognised by Sense as both an inspirational young person and earlier this week Runner-up as an inspirational adult and suddenly you begin to see how amazing this young lady is.

Yet during her school life she was bullied for being different, and so she has launched her first book dealing with inclusion. Everyone is different, and we have to learn to accept each other’s and our own differences. Frog, Froggy and Froggit deals with this topic in a sensitive way, and tells a story of how we often try to hide our differences and how we can find acceptance among friends.

It was the weekend before Mother’s Day and so Frog invited Froggy and Froggit over to make cards.

Frog, Froggy and Froggit is a short story for children of 7-8 years to encourage confidence in reading simplistic sentences and minor tongue twisters aloud. The book contains a small but important message, vital for all!

** Inclusion **

Written and illustrated by Molly Jane Watt

Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt
Frog Froggy Froggit by Molly Jane Watt

Molly is an advocate for those living with disabilities, particularly Usher Syndrome (deafblindness) the condition that has taken her hearing and sight. Herself a victim of bullying, Molly expresses her views through creativity. Details of Molly’s Charity for whom this book was written can be seen at

Molly was Sense’s youngest ever Young Deafblind Person of the Year in 2010, started her own Charity in 2012, became an Ambassador for Sense in early 2014 and has been nominated and shortlisted for Deafblind Person of the Year 2014 at just 20 years old.

Molly has already begun the artwork for the second Frog, Froggy and Froggit book too!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the paperback edition here 

Also available as an audiobook on most major platforms including Amazon Buy audiobook from Amazon here as well as Spotify, iTunes and more!

Other eBook formats will be released shortly.

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Making an Impact with our latest book

The Impact Code by Andrew Pain

This isn’t a book about goal-setting, being passionate and living the dream. You can already find lots of those. 

This isn’t a long and wordy book, which takes you a month to read but six months later you can only remember one or two of its key points. You can find lots of those too.

This is a book which gives 24 memorable insights to develop your resilience, productivity and influence, so you’re equipped to make a lasting impact on the world around you. Whether you’re a business leader, a team manager, an entrepreneur, a parent, an aspiring professional or young person, your ability to make an impact will define how happy and successful you become. Imagine how your life would be if you could:

  • Attract more people to follow you – out of choice not obligation
  • Bounce back quickly from your disappointments & set-backs
  • Overcome your fears and live beyond your current horizons
  • Achieve more without adding to your overstretched ‘to-do’ list 

Choose to make an awesome impact in your world or don’t – it’s up to you! 

Andrew is an experienced coach, trainer, blogger and parent. His unique writing style has created an inspirational book which packs a powerful punch, is effortless to read, and easy to apply.

You can order The Impact Code in paperback. It’s also available to purchase for Kindle, and shortly for iPad and other formats.

Buy the eBook for Kindle

Buy the Paperback

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Breaking the Taboo: Let’s Talk

Behind Every Cloud by Samantha O'Flanagan

In a lot of the Charity work we are currently doing, a repeating theme is “Let’s Talk!”. Issues vary from miscarriage to mental health, but often the first step to dealing with a situation is talking about it.

Future Kissed Off titles will cover subjects ranging from miscarriage to MS, and many will be raising funds for charity. Our first title focussing on mental health covers the mostly misunderstood condition of Bipolar. This condition can debilitate, however with the right approach you can lead a more stable life.

Mental Health

Our latest book to order, Behind Every Cloud, follows one 25 year olds experiences of living a positive life with Bipolar Type II. Its a great title; both for those newly diagnosed as well as those looking for alternative ways to live with the condition or those living with someone who has been diagnosed. This condition affects more people than you may think, and includes some well-known actors, singers and artists amongst its ranks.

Carrie Fisher

The original Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy opened up about her life with bipolar in her book The Best Awful. Admitting that she lived in denial about her diagnosis for some time, it took a full psychotic break before she came to terms with having bipolar.

Stephen Fry

His Emmy award-winning documentary The Secret Life Of A Manic Depressive documented his experiences of living with bipolar.

Stephen has long been an advocate of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. After his diagnosis drove him to attempt suicide, Stephen has worked tirelessly to speak out and give a clearer image of mental illness.

Jean Claude Van Damme

The Belgian born actor battled drug-addiction and a near suicide attempt before he was given a diagnosis of bipolar.

Linda Hamilton

As Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies, Sarah became a household name, and after coming to terms with her diagnosis, she used this as a platform to raise awareness on mental health issues.

“Somebody needs to come out and make this okay for people to talk about and get help and take advantage of the resources”.

Vincent Van Gogh

One of the most talented artists was affected by bipolar throughout his career. His periods of increased productivity while painting where put down to manic episodes, while in between he was said to have suffered debilitating depressions.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Academy award-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones hit the headlines when she was hospitalised after seeking treatment for Bipolar Type II.

Tom Fletcher

McFly’s lead singer Tom Fletcher only recently opened up about his struggle with Bipolar on ITV2’s Fearne and McBusted. After he “realised that I was struggling more than other people around me were” he sought help and now says that medication and the support of those around him have helped change his whole outlook on life.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has had a very public battle with drink and drug addiction, but this could be related to the fact that he also suffers from Bipolar Type II.

He was involved in a BBC documentary on bipolar disorder, in which he talked about his battles with depressive states.

Samantha O'Flanagan Author Photo
Samantha O’Flanagan Author Photo

About the Author

Samantha O’Flanagan is an office manager and runs the successful blog All The Buzz. Winner of Blogger of the Year 2014 in the Samsung Digital Media Awards & finalist in the UK Blog Awards, Samantha decided to use her platform to speak about a subject very close to her heart. Diagnosed with anxiety attacks, and subsequently Bipolar Type II, Samantha is passionate about breaking down the negative stigma surrounding mental illness. Samantha lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband Keith and their dog Ozzy.

Supporting Reach Out

Profits from this book are being donated to Reach Out – an Irish charity that provides supports those dealing with tough times, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the paperback edition here 

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PRESS RELEASE: Tweet Your Way to Success (Social Media)

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

From 0 to 13.9k followers from her kitchen table and now Samantha Kelly (aka Tweeting Goddess) releases her first book.

Tweet Your Way to Success (book)
Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

In the début title ‘Tweet Your Way To Success’ Samantha tells us how she started a business with no money, going from lone parent on social welfare to a highly influential leader in her field. There are sections on starting your own business, how to turn your business around, tips on using social media and how to network and build on relationships. Samantha is a former Dragons Den applicant, most recently making her mark in social media through the creation of #Irishbizparty a place where Irish businesses can connect and network freely using both Twitter and Facebook.

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly is available to purchase now in Paperback or eBook.

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Book Launch: Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly

Ever wondered what it is like to start a business? Have you asked yourself what do I need to do? What characteristics are needed?  How can I start a business when I have no money or experience? Does Twitter work as part of a marketing strategy for your business? How is it going to help me get my business out there? 

Well in this book, Samantha shows you how she started a business with no money and went from lone parent on social welfare to a top influencer and leader in her field. She will give her tips for Twitter and how to use it effectively using simple language and with a clear message that when you assist others it will come back to you. How to build relationships and nurture them.
And most importantly how to be yourself and use your personality to succeed!

You will be taken through starting out in business, networking and advice before moving onto creating your Twitter account and beyond!

Samantha used our Blog to Book package to bring her book to print! This great package uses your existing blog to create an amazing paperback book!

The first books will be dispatched on approximately 12th June 2014 (provisional date, actual despatch will be notified). Those with pre-orders will be dispatched first. The book will be available on Amazon, however Amazon RRP will be more expensive.

Samantha Kelly is an Ireland-based business woman who has appeared on Dragon’s Den as well as a host of media programs. Following the sale of her first successful business, she has now launched Tweeting Goddess to help those wanting to use Twitter to grow their business.

Buy this book through us here for only £7.99 +P&P or in digital format for £4.00

Tweet Your Way to Success
Tweet Your Way to Success by Samantha Kelly