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Malvern’s Playwright in Residence Launches Compendium of Comedies

Four Small Cast Comedies by Nick Wilkes

Four Small Cast Comedies by Nick Wilkes

The resident playwright of Malvern Theatres has brought together four new comedies for small performance groups. These new plays have been created to be greatly entertaining while not requiring vast resources to perform.

These comedies are designed to be feasibly produced by;

  • any up-and-coming theatre company,
  • small groups of student performers, or
  • as part of a social enterprise.

The comedies included involve minimal set or tech design and are suitable for a range of venue sizes and types.

Resting – Four out of work actors, with a life to contemplate.
Recovering – From a hangover, from a career choice, from an operation, or from a lifelong lie.
Jitters – Marriage; why be nervous? It’s only the rest of your life?
iBard – A quest to find the real William Shakespeare, and bring him into the digital age.

Nick is also just launching his next play – featuring Colin Baker and a vintage Morgan Car on the stage! Well worth a visit to the Theatre and Kissed Off says “Break a Leg!” for Mog Bridges at Malvern Theatres. To find out more about Nick and what he is doing check out his website or catch him on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

You can buy in paperback for just over £15!

Where to Buy

You can buy this book in paperback 

or on Blurb.

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What 12 Habits would you change?

The 12 Habits of Happily Lean People by Tracy Reck

The 12 Habits of Happily Lean People by Tracy Reck

This book is great for those that have tried every diet and exercise fad but nothing has worked for you. A book no just for “New Year, New You” but throughout life as good habits to keep for a lifetime.

How would you feel if every day and without really thinking about it, you took the 12 essential actions that would help you to enjoy really great health and give you a body you like looking at in the mirror?


Combining an approach to food that’s built on making your metabolism work perfectly and has N.O.T.H.I.N.G to do with counting calories, with a way of exercising that won’t take over your life but will bring you amazing results, the 12 Habits is a down to earth, practical and insightful journey into why these habits work – and how you can make them work for you.

You can “Look Inside” and buy this book on Amazon, or order it from us in paperback or digital format.

Why not join the online club that ties in with this book? Be supported in your habit changing journey by Tracy as well as others members. You can find the details in the book or join up online at

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Why write a book for my business?

  • I don’t need a book to promote my business

  • I haven’t got time to write a book

  • I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start

  • I haven’t got the resources to publish a book

The chances are if you’ve spoken to me about the title subject, you’ve come back with one of the four bullet points. However, the book/eBook/app is rapidly becoming a key marketing tool for a range of very different businesses – and each business utilises their book in a very different way.


A book is a great way of not only promoting your business, but also the service you provide and can give you the “expert” perspective. After all, people generally do not decide to publish a book without having a great deal of knowledge and research in their chosen book subject. A book is also a great way to market a visual based business, and it has staying power beyond that of a portfolio you show briefly within a client meeting.


We can supply your training material in a number of published formats for you to upsell to your students or provide as part of a seminar or course. These include printed workbooks, interactive publications and even all your coursework in an editable format on a USB memory stick in our Twistkey format option! You could also use your training book as an Office Manual or other means of training your staff in topics unique to your company.


With our interactive publications, you can give full product demonstrations in video, audio and animated forms. This is great for products that are new to market that people will not have seen before. Not everybody can understand a product from a flat leaflet, or has time to arrange a personal demonstration.


A book could be the start of a subscription, with regular updates being published on a monthly, bi monthly or annual basis. We can also provide binders and other packaging options to enable up-sell products.


Your book could form the core of your business, particularly for training based authors. We can help you with not just selling your book, but also with coordinating affiliate programs, seminars and other media for the training circuit.

Our support

Our packages will support you from initial idea through to publishing and beyond. We have lots of bolt on options – including proof reading, copywriting, illustration, photography and augmented reality! Contact us today on how we can support your business.

12 Habits of Happily Lean People
12 Habits of Happily Lean People


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Follow back that Tweeter!

How many times have you been to a face to face networking event and been told “It’s not about the people in the room”

What makes you think that this works any differently on Twitter or other social media platforms. I’ve been told twice this week that people don’t follow back unless they are interested in what that one individual has to say, but never has the above idiom been more important than on Twitter. Each RT we do is broadcast to our followers, so although your Tweet has been RT’d by a Plumber, that Plumber may have countless contacts within your industry. As a graphic designer personally every industry is my target industry, but just because you don’t see why the person is following you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow back.


Do your research, and if you find your new follower only tweets “Buy 1000 followers here http://…”; don’t bother following back. Likewise if their tweets are obviously spams and scams, or if they are just looking for numbers.

My rules for a follow…

  1. Are they interested in my tweets – have they RTd, favourited or replied to at least one of my tweets?
  2. What are their tweets like – do I want to RT and would I feel comfortable with having their regular updates appearing on my wall?
  3. Are they in my industry or have synergy with my business?
  4. Are they a potential customer?
  5. Are they within my tweeting zones of biz, tech, craft and design?

I also frequently edit my follows – am I still interested in their feed, do they still follow me, are they still active?

Originally published 17/12/2013 by Natalie Ballard