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David Bowie: Farewell to a Legend of Creativity

A digital painting featuring Jareth the Goblin King

Today we lost a legend of creativity… most will be saying we lost a music legend, a rock legend etc but the truth is David Bowie was much deeper than a sound.

I rarely blog on here about how events have affected me personally, but today it seems the right time to do so. David Bowie for me has been more than a musical inspiration, or a soundtrack to my childhood in the back of my Uncle’s mini. He is for me the most brilliant creative mind we have seen. He was unafraid, indeed sought, to be different – to stand out from the crowd, to be noticed.

As a professional creative, we are often too busy with the latest design craze or even platform to even take the time to BECOME the next big thing. Clients often are not comfortable with the current craze let alone breaking new ground. It’s a brave step to ignore what is marketable and commercial and instead stride off in your own direction. For me, I have started this journey by opening my own store where I am the client – if you choose to purchase I will gladly thank you and if you want some minor alterations to suit your story that’s fine too.

If we can take life lessons from David Bowie, I would say they are the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to be different and take risks (better still AIM to be different and take risks)
  • LOVE life
  • Challenge yourself to do more, be more and learn more
  • Don’t put yourself, or others, in boxes
  • Be single-minded to get to where YOU want to be

Finally, some of you will know that I also love to Ballroom Dance – a fact that I often publicly attribute to being a Fred and Ginger fan. However, secretly, I believe I will always want to be the girl in the big, poofy, white dress dancing with the King of the Goblins. David Bowie, you will forever be my Jareth.

Natalie x