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Merry Christmas 2014 to all


That certain time of year has come around again (it seems quicker every year). It’s time to trim the tree, wrap the presents and cremate the turkey.

This year most of our gifts are handmade – a gift of our time and creativity, as the best gifts come from the heart. I’m sure if I could hand make my own Skylanders figures that even those would have been handmade this year. For the first time, I’ve actually forced myself to sit and do the nice ideas I’ve planned for gifts and home decor, and I have to say its been worth it. I can’t put up photos yet (obviously) but my craft room is a much loved mess and I’ve become more inspired from taking the time out.

We also have planned a nice long break from the office (aside from the usual end of year activities). Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to regroup, plan and give yourself the space to be creative without the worry of deadlines and clients. The office will close at 2pm today, and I’m looking forward to what the next 3 days will bring. It won’t bring masses of presents, but instead it will bring me time with my family, time to enjoy what I already have and some great food and drink. To me, that sounds like the perfect Christmas.

So while we all indulge, rest and enjoy our families, presents and the special memories that get created every year, I ask one small favour of you all… For someone not so far away from you, this Christmas may not be so jolly. It may be their first without someone dear, they may have lost their job, be ill or simply be alone this year. The smallest gesture will let them know they are not forgotten – a 5 minute phone call while the turkey is resting, helping them with their last minute shopping or even a simple note could be the thing that lights up somebody’s face this Christmas.

To those who are alone this Christmas, don’t be. If you are offered an invitation, take it.

And lastly a Merry Christmas to you all!