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What every girl needs in her handbag… a BagMag


In March 2015, our first edition of our new magazine will launch!

Designed to support the local High Street and businesses, BagMag will feature the best in local fashion, independent retail stores, local designers and shopping.

Each month there will be: an 8 page feature on a local store or business, great topical editorial on fashion, hair and beauty or lifestyle as well as a great range of local businesses advertising their latest offers. The magazine will also have an optional binder which comes complete with a Lipstick USB Key which gives access to great offers, an online directory as well as a great blog and more exclusive to our readers. The USB key locks into the binder for secure storage and the whole package fits neatly into your handbag.

On the memory stick we will be putting a web link to our website which is going to have a online directory. All the companies who are in the magazine will have their offers and details for customers to browse and will be secured by password entry which will be changed with each edition with the password being printed in the magazine.

If you would like to advertise in a magazine for your area, please visit our Advertisers page.

The binder will be £20 including a copy of that month’s issue.

We are currently running a crowd funding project to aid towards the launch of BagMag.