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What is a Hybrid Magazine?

If you are looking for a digital magazine with a difference, you’ve found the right place!

Comprising several unique parts, our hybrid magazines come wrapped in our amazing LoveTwyst hybrid box. It’s perfect for sneaking in handbags, briefcases and even lunch boxes!

The Mini Mag

The first component is our unique Mini Mag, with 72 pages measuring 85x55mm. This magazine is a great way to produce voucher booklets, directories and more as well as traditional magazine content. No need for batteries nor wifi and perfect for the girl about town!

The Card for your Friend

The second component is the “Card for your Friend”, grow your subscription through reader referral. These cards can be printed to link to your site, or directly to your magazine app.

The App

The third component is the app, for either Android, iOS or both. You can choose how much or how little content you would like to be available on your app as you may wish to offer access to the app as a trial. You can use the app as a digital catalogue, interactive magazine or as a directory to support the main content on your USB stick.

The content on this will mirror or enhance the content on our fourth component…

The USB stick

The fourth component is the USB stick which can house either your main content or, alternatively, your advertisers can supply digital vouchers, codes or interactive content and offers.

You can choose which parts you would like to include, along with how you would like to use them.