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Let’s get Bizitalk…ing

We’ve been a member of Bizitalk for nearly a year now, and we have found its been of great benefit to us as a company!

So far Bizitalk has carried our profile and tweets to over 12 million people… and has resulted in two major contracts both within Bizitalk members and through referrals from Bizitalk members from non-member clients. We strongly encourage all new Tweeps we meet, as well as the non-Twitter peeps to join in with Bizitalk – whether looking for suppliers or services, or if you are looking for new clients and customers.

I have to say my favourite section by far is the “I’m looking for…” board. I try to check this board at least once a month to see if I can help out at all – either directly or through referrals. Other boards include business to business marketing as well as Promoted Tweets which Bizitalk will put out through their multiple Twitter accounts.

And it’s not just Bizitalk that will promote you. Even using promoted tweets, there are several accounts who will automatically RT Bizitalk’s content to their thousands of followers. You will also find yourself being promoted by other members, and even non-members who happen to see RTs of RTs. Think of your tweet travelling along the roots or branches of a tree.

You can try it out today by adding #bizitalk to a tweet!

So why not join Bizitalk today?

For £5 a month, you get promoted Tweets going out to over 12 million people, as well as access to offers from other Bizitalk members. We even offer a 10% discount off our design and publishing services to other members.

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