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Getting started on your publishing journey…

You’re starting to write a book but don’t know what to do next. Well, you’ve done the first two major steps – had the idea and decided to publish the book. This in itself can be a significant hurdle, so give yourself a pat on the back… but now you are looking at the blank piece of paper and not knowing where to start. The key is making the process more manageable by breaking it up.


At this stage your title will still be in flux, but its good to get a generic idea down on paper so we as your publisher can start researching to check for clashes against similar titles. This is when we start filling in your Advance Information Sheet that we use to tell booksellers about your book. These can be issued up to four months in advance so its important to start these at the first stage. If you haven’t done so already, at this stage purchase our publishing base module.

For further information see our blog post on why you should get in touch with us before you write your book.

What else do you need for the Advance Information Sheet

The next step in the creative process, is to write a summary of your book. This does not have to be long or in depth. Think about the typical back cover blurb that you read when buying a book. Typically 1 – 2 paragraphs is all that is needed at this stage.

We then need an About the Author paragraph with a brief background of you that’s relevant to your book. If you can include a photo at this stage even better!

Think about how you want your book to be published – do you want an ISBN? Digital and/or print? You may wish to call us to discuss your options in depth relating to your specific title.

So what’s next?

I find it’s easier to break everything down into smaller chunks. Work out a chapter plan (if needed), a recipe section list, or other form of section dividers. Then break each section down into its individual parts.


  • Cookbook – Desserts – List of recipes, each recipe has… (e.g. 1 image complete, 1 technique image, list of ingredients, cooking time, calories and directions)
  • Business – Chapter 1 – Introduction – Getting started in…, brief tutorial…, why am I doing this?
  • Health – Day 1 – Exercise chart, diet, lifestyle

This breakdown not only helps you to write the book, but also us to design your book concept, as well as informing discussions about formats, additional modules that may be required, etc.

Got a Blog? Want to use the content for your book?

If you already have a blog that will form your main content, purchase our Curate module and we will use your breakdown to create your book based on your previous content. We will make your text flow into one coherent title, and point out any additional content needed to add value to your book. This is ideal for those who wish to publish a book, but don’t have a lot of time to spend on writing it.

Writing from scratch?

If you are starting your book from scratch using your breakdown, we can give you some pointers for elements to include to break up your text and make it more accessible. This way the book creation becomes much more organic.

I’ve written all the text… but what about images?

Great you’ve done the hard bit, sit down and have a glass of wine (or your chosen tipple). Now we get onto the next exciting bit – images. A picture tells 100 words so the saying goes, I think more accurately the phrase should be an image SAVES you 100 words. This could be through demonstrating a technique, communicating a complex piece of data or simply showing the end result of your recipe. Each adds to the depth of understanding your reader can achieve from your book.

Your image options

  1. You’ve already shot, or had someone shoot, your images – great good to go, just a case of checking colour and resolution, input and ready to publish. There is no image module required for this option as it is included with our base publishing module.
  2. You would like us to shoot your images – we can photograph a wide range of settings and have full studio kit as well as outdoor options. Simply a case of telling us what you would like us to photograph and where using our photography module.
  3. You would like us to illustrate your book – simply purchase our illustration module and brief us on your preferred style, media etc.
  4. You would prefer to use stock imagery – again, we even have a module to allow you to do this quickly and easily.

Next stage…

So now you have all the content finalised and our design concept has been approved, next is all down to us. We will design and layout your entire book to your chosen concept which was based right back upon your framework. This bit usually happens really quickly and can be as little as two weeks from start to publish! At this stage we will issue pre-orders on our website so you can see in advance roughly how well your book will sell and how many to get printed. We will also promote your book to bookstores etc. as well as across our social media for individual preorder. These pre-orders will then be dispatched by us as soon as your printed books arrive with us.