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Why you should contact us BEFORE your book is finished

Here at Kissed Off we have a two week average turnaround for your book from completed manuscript to holding the book in your hands.

This is great for you as a customer, however ideally we need to contact bookshops FOUR MONTHS BEFORE your release date. At this stage, we would allocate your book an ISBN if this has been agreed, as well as predicting page numbers and illustrations and other specifications for your book.

This also means one of the first things we need from you for your book is the confirmed Summary and About the Author section for us to supply to bookstores and distributors.

The other advantages of involving us early in the process…

  1. We can help you with tweaking your manuscript to include great features that you can include in an eBook or even Augmented Reality for print books before incurring unnecessary costs.
  2. We can suggest the best platform for your book, and we can tailor your content to match before any design work has even started!
  3. We can suggest additional content that will add to the saleability of your book.
  4. We can start on marketing your book before you’ve even finished writing it.
Even more importantly, purchase your package now and SAVE with our great birthday offers for one week only!

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