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Help us teach cancer a lesson!

Cancer is a horrible disease and it can affect anyone at any age. Let’s fight back and help us teach cancer a lesson it won’t forget!

Tina Wright and Lucy and Jessica Ballard are running the Race for Life in Worcester on 6th July 2014 in memory of Raymond Ballard (their beloved Ampoo) who sadly lost the fight against Pancreatic Cancer at the beginning of May this year.

For those of you who know Ian, the kids and me, know how tough we’ve found it these past couple of months – and you know how hard it is for us to write this blog piece. Now is the time for us to start fighting back! We want to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer (which is too often found too late) and raise funds for research into this terrible form of cancer. The fact that this unforgiving type of cancer is possibly hereditary spurs us to make sure we don’t lose another generation to this illness!

If each of my Twitter followers alone gave £1 each, we could raise over £3000 for this one event alone! With the followers from all our Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts we could raise well over £5000! So let’s fight back against cancer together!

You can donate here.

There will be other fundraising events throughout the rest of the year.

Thank you
Ian, Natalie, Lucy & Jessica Ballard & Tina Wright