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How quick can we do an eBook?

The answer for Kissed Off Publications is in one night! We created an eBook especially for the second day of Festival of Innovation. We featured a local musician for the soundtrack and even an audio snippet of one of our client testimonials for our service!

The key is in preparation. We already had a design style in mind as well as all our media prepped to go. We now have an iBook we can send to clients introducing our packages, workflow and additional services. Looking forward to uploading it for free download from iTunes soon. In the meantime, you can contact us for a copy either by email or download from or

This could be your eBook. You already have content on websites, in brochures or even proposals to clients. We can help you repurpose this content into a great eBook that promotes your business. We can even enable it to be updatable by you (dependent on format), include audio and video media, or even product animations!