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Malvern’s Playwright in Residence Launches Compendium of Comedies

Four Small Cast Comedies by Nick Wilkes

Four Small Cast Comedies by Nick Wilkes

The resident playwright of Malvern Theatres has brought together four new comedies for small performance groups. These new plays have been created to be greatly entertaining while not requiring vast resources to perform.

These comedies are designed to be feasibly produced by;

  • any up-and-coming theatre company,
  • small groups of student performers, or
  • as part of a social enterprise.

The comedies included involve minimal set or tech design and are suitable for a range of venue sizes and types.

Resting – Four out of work actors, with a life to contemplate.
Recovering – From a hangover, from a career choice, from an operation, or from a lifelong lie.
Jitters – Marriage; why be nervous? It’s only the rest of your life?
iBard – A quest to find the real William Shakespeare, and bring him into the digital age.

Nick is also just launching his next play – featuring Colin Baker and a vintage Morgan Car on the stage! Well worth a visit to the Theatre and Kissed Off says “Break a Leg!” for Mog Bridges at Malvern Theatres. To find out more about Nick and what he is doing check out his website or catch him on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

You can buy in paperback for just over £15!

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