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Blogger? Why not be an Author?

As we celebrate the launch of pre-orders for “Tweet Your Way to Success”, the focus now moves onto helping other bloggers achieve their publishing dreams.

Samantha’s book started life as a Blog “Tweeting Goddess” and uses the “Blog to Book” package to produce a paperback book based on her existing Blog style and content. We’ve helped Sam to curate her existing content into a coherent text. We have also suggested elements of original content to give an in-depth book on social media and business. We’ve taken her text, and created a visually stimulating book that can be read in one sitting, but also has plenty of key points, stats and charts for future quick reference.

If you are a Blogger, this could be you and your new book! We don’t have any pre-conceived ideas of your blog, and we include your input at every step of the way. Our previous titles have included a range of health and fitness titles, cookbooks, business guides and more! You can even change the paperback to an eBook option, or pay a supplement for both!

Samantha has been enthusing about our service on her social media and even a post on her blog. So feel free to take a look at what she’s had to say, as well as looking at the package in more depth here on this site.

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Stay updated on your order status

By registering with us when you place your order, we can help you keep up to date on progress of your order status. Subscribe to the blog, drop us an email and we’ll send you a password by return that you can reset to suit you. You can then monitor your order status through this blog.

If you have pre-ordered a book with us, we will hold your order as active until publication.

Please be assured we have no access to your amended password.

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Success as Samantha Kelly launches her first book!

Pre-order: Tweet Your Way to Success

Coming at the end of the month is Samantha Kelly’s (aka Tweeting Goddess) first book! Her debut title is on how to use Twitter and social media for your business. From starting up your business to how to turn your business around, Ms Kelly’s book covers both the highs and lows of social media and business.

Tweet Your Way to Success is suitable for social media and computer novices. Those who already use social media but have found it is not benefitting their business will also find useful tips to improve. It contains not only Ms Kelly’s own Twitter stories, but also those of her network of how they have benefitted from Twitter in their own businesses.

It also has a section on starting your own business. Building on Samantha’s experience is a great platform for any new entrepreneur. A former Dragons Den applicant, Samantha has built up several successful businesses. These were in a range of fields, having built up her experience since her first business.

So make sure you use Twitter effectively to build up your business to success, through improved sales, new contacts and just through talking to your peers. And you can even do it in your PJs!

Please note: Price has yet to be confirmed and book may not be available for upto two weeks. Pre-order option only registers interest and does not constitute an order of the product. You will be notified as soon as product is ready to order.

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5 Things I Love About What I Do

In any business or career there are always highs and lows, the trick is to concentrate on the highs. There are things I love about what I do, and I want to share these with you.

#1 – The smell of print

This may seem odd in this day of digital publishing, but I still love the smell of print. Even if its a Blurb or CreateSpace book – nothing beats that just printed smell and the sensation of achievement when I first hold that book (or whatever else) in my hands and turn the first page.

#2 – The Client’s response

As we are starting at the end of the process, I also love seeing my client’s faces when they hold their final product for the first time. Recently, I had the most overjoyed reaction to a lovely book “Girls Who Do It” by Sophie Reynolds (Available on Amazon ), and it made me realise that what I do is not the important thing, but how I do it and what it gives my clients. A book can mark the achievement of a lifelong dream, so the sense of achievement is no longer contained to me, but also extends to my clients and their co-authors and family.

#3 – A good Client relationship

The best design comes from a good healthy client/designer relationship. My best work has been for those who not only trust me in my knowledge, but also in my respect for theirs. Some of my clients have become friends with whom we have shared interests and even lifetime goals.

#4 – The thrill of the first proof

This point is where many a design (or designer) has become unstuck. However I have received some my best praise at that initial proof stage – whether through promptness of turnaround or assessment of brief, the first proof is a crucial first step in the client/designer relationship.

#5 – The concept

Following the initial client meeting(s), the concept stage is the most free part of the process. Sometimes it is daunting to start with that blank sheet, especially if the client has given you little direction, but sometimes the best solution is to start doodling. Rough frameworks, areas of content, lists of visual priorities are all good to break that blank page fear.

So when things get difficult, focus on the positives – make lists, doodle and make mistakes – this is how we expand our creativity. If you are the client,… learn to trust your designer as long as he/she listens to you also – only then will the best design occur.

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LoveTwyst in the Eyes of a Child – YouTube

LoveTwyst Join Up Offer

LoveTwyst in the Eyes of a Child – YouTube.

A video short for our LoveTwyst wedding and event photography product. LoveTwyst is a unique blend of digital photo album, USB stick with photos and album as well as image access cards to share your photos with your guests and enable them to purchase your photos.

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How can a USB TwistKey support your business

At every trade show we attend, stands were inundated with free USB sticks to give away. These either contain some custom content or supplied blank. We offer an alternative – the USB TwistKey, which makes your USB a much more tactile and versatile media.

So how does this little box improve on the free USB stick? Firstly, its great at securing your stick from damage – whether that be in the bottom of your handbag or briefcase, or for mailing through our postal system. Secondly, they feel like little books (I love all things miniature) and can be printed on all faces. This gives you more space to display your message before someone even puts your USB in their computer (and you can even add Augmented Reality now if you want).

But this is not why I think the USB TwistKey is amazing… its because of what it offers to business and individuals who run seminar and training sessions. While at the Adobe event last June, I realised that 99% of the audience were utilising technology to “record” their day. Instead of using Evernote and other note taking technologies that won’t talk to each other, how great would it be to be able to run an interactive fillable PDF with coursework that is consistent across your audience! The content remains valuable and perpetuates your brand on your clients desk for months and years to come. Better still, with the advances in technology, how great would it be if we could get all these PDFs talking to each other so group learning is so much easier within the theatre setup.

So if you’ve got a project or product that you think would benefit from a TwistKey, why not talk to us today!

USB TwistKey at Festival of Innovation, Malvern

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How quick can we do an eBook?

The answer for Kissed Off Publications is in one night! We created an eBook especially for the second day of Festival of Innovation. We featured a local musician for the soundtrack and even an audio snippet of one of our client testimonials for our service!

The key is in preparation. We already had a design style in mind as well as all our media prepped to go. We now have an iBook we can send to clients introducing our packages, workflow and additional services. Looking forward to uploading it for free download from iTunes soon. In the meantime, you can contact us for a copy either by email or download from or

This could be your eBook. You already have content on websites, in brochures or even proposals to clients. We can help you repurpose this content into a great eBook that promotes your business. We can even enable it to be updatable by you (dependent on format), include audio and video media, or even product animations!

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Children’s Classic with a “novel” twist for your Little Princess!

The Lazy Princess, the Magical Dress and the Maidservant

The Lazy Princess, the Magical Dress and the Maidservant by Robert Lang
Illustrations by Victoria Murray

Can you believe it: not all Princesses are good girls.

In this enchanting take on the traditional storyline the tables are turned on a sulky young lady who refuses to meet her Prince Charming…

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A Tweet a Day to Sell Your Book

One of the questions I often see asked on forums across the internet is “How can I use social media to market my book?”

So you’ve published your book – great – published it with us – better still! And even if you didn’t publish your book with us, you can market it on our site. But now what…

You’ve sold a few to friends and family, and your initial tweet about your launch has been and gone – but how do you keep the buzz going? Simple, start tweeting again! There are lots of book tweeters who are only too happy to feature your title for little to no cost to all their followers. Start tagging your post to get instant retweets. Hashtags are a great way of pushing your tweets beyond your audience – you could hashtag a particular retweeter (e.g. Bizitalk – great for business titles), a topic (e.g. #photography) or indeed your publisher.

Publishers love clients who feedback about their process and will happily continue to promote your book long after it has been published. However, even doing this you may be missing out on a potential audience – so we recommend taking part in Twitter chats. These are again enabled by hashtags (e.g. #Worcestershirehour) and typically last an hour and can be based on geographical area, interest or target audience. Twitter chats are HUGE for us, we cannot overstate their importance in our working week, whether its new readers or writers – or even suppliers. Plus they are great fun, and will always boost your followers!

So that’s Twitter dealt with,… but what about other social media

Get a Facebook Fan Page – it gives you traceable data on how many people are reading your posts. Its no good shouting out about your book endlessly to the same 10 friends that read it last time! A page is the only way to draw in new people – invite them from your Twitter and they will tell their friends by association. This is a great way to build a following – and ideally should be done before you even launch your book.

Google+ is a must – it will help you in your Google rankings as well as having a different audience to Facebook. Another great boost to mention at this point is a video for your book. For as little as £45 you could have a video on YouTube which will again boost your Google rankings.

LinkedIn is probably the hardest to utilise, and therefore least utilised, book promoting platforms there is. While you may have a vast network, it is tricky to target your posts to those who would be interested. The key to LinkedIn is groups. Find a group that works for you, and keep being active. By being active your ranking within the group will go up, and your posts will become easier to find.

This is only a brief intro for social media for authors, but over the next few weeks I hope to cover each topic in greater depth.

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My Tips for Twitter Success

Following a brilliant event at WorcestershireHour LIVE last November, I thought I should share some tips I have found for working with Twitter after being called a Twitter Queen! For those who want to know what WorcestershireHour is – join in on Twitter every Monday 8-9pm for business and charity networking. You can follow me @natballard and Kissed Off @KissedOff

10 Twitter tips

#1 – follow @bizitalk and @udontework (or anyone else on my allstars list – great for RTs, and be sure to RT in return!)
#2 – If you are mentioning your product or anything else you want Retweeting, first say “pls RT”, secondly be sure to add #bizitalk and #udobiz for automatic retweets as well as other relevant hashtags that you will find along your Twitter journey.
#3 – there are some great twitter hours out there. The best for us is Worcestershire Hour – phenomenally busy and we had our first live event on Monday along with TV and radio coverage. To join in make sure you add the chats hashtag e.g. #WorcestershireHour
#4 – Tweet to give and not to get. For every post you tweet about your product, you should do roughly 10 RTs, 5 personal tweets, 3 useful snippets of information
#5 – People buy from people, this is never truer than on Twitter. People know me at networking events by my twitter profile alone! If possible get known by a nickname – hence my tag is Nat and not Natalie, and have a good photo and not a logo as your icon. As I have two accounts I can do both, and the difference between the two accounts is astonishing! Don’t be an egg!
#6 – Support your local businesses by RTing, and remember that networking is not just to the people in the chat or conversation but also all their followers.
#7 – If you have a good news story, tell it – either by snippets or link to a blog post. A great way to drive traffic to your blog!
#8 – Tweet links to blog posts, LinkedIn content and other sites as well as your own site. This lets your followers see there is more to your involvement than just your own website.
#9 – Make lists of your regular RTrs, clients and suppliers for easy targeting of tweets.
#10 – Be consistent, tweet daily and NEVER tweet drunk LOL

To get the most out of Twitter

#1 – Connect it to LinkedIn in your account settings on both sites. Don’t send everything you say on LinkedIn to twitter tho – be selective. Twitter link is automatic so not controllable – so remember that if you choose to link to Facebook. A lot of people have unfriended me because of my tweets being posted automatically.
#2 – Try to have a variation in content. e.g. I cover craft, books, tech and biz as well as my own stuff. I also RT within these subjects so my followers know what to expect.
#3 – register on U-Do and bizi websites, and join up as a paid member – the benefits outweigh the cost.
#4 – check it frequently, and only post when you have time to respond
#5 – Make sure if you include an image that you use Twitter’s attaching options so it can be seen without clicking on a link.

In terms of software, I use TweetDeck which gives me a constantly updated feed, as well as easy RT, lists and search columns for running chats in. I also use as I try to control my follows. So if I don’t follow you back immediately, I’m not being ignorant I’m just trying to find you a spot!

Also, I would now advise to make the most of Twitter’s new image guidelines and possibilities. Now you can tag images, use multiple images to one post and more! A blog post on this soon!

First posted on 21/11/2013
Written by Natalie Ballard and updated for Kissed Off